Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Wedding Cake with Pink Flowers, Candy Pearls and Green Ribbon

This Spring Wedding Cake was bright, fun and delicious!

With a pink-and-green theme, this cake brought out a Spring-time feel. A variety of pink flowers made out of gum paste and edible food spray assisted in matching the wedding theme and colours. The Wilton Flower cutter 'kit' was a great help for this cake.

The Pearl-White Candy Beads by CK Products ( added a touch of elegance.

What's inside this cake? 

Top two tiers: Five layers each of moist Vanilla Cake. In between the layers of cake was organic white chocolate chunks and thick raspberry buttercream icing.

Bottom tier: Three thick layers of moist Sour Cream Chocolate Cake with caramel buttercream and chunks of organic milk chocolate between the layers.

A coating of vanilla buttercream was applied to all the tiers before covering them in fondant to help the fondant stick and keep the fondant looking bright white!

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