Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Perfect Baby Shower Cake!

This baby shower cake was designed for a baby boy shower, but with simple colour changes, it can be made into a cake to celebrate the birth of a girl. And to get the right amount of cake without compromising the look of the centrepiece cake, we added matching cupcakes!

The 'bum' was Rice Krispie treats formed into a plastic-wrap lined bowl, and trimmed to get a smooth edge before applying buttercream and a layer of white fondant for the diaper. The feet and legs were also formed using Rice Krispie treats.

What's inside?  Five thin layers of chocolate cake with a raspberry buttercream and chunks of semi-sweet organic chocolate (56%).

The cupcakes were simple vanilla cupcakes with a butterscotch buttercream centre (carved out to added flavour to these fondant-covered creations).

Children's Birthday Cakes

This list of cakes for kids is sure to give you ideas for any child's birthday party or other fun kid events.
Little Monsters Birthday Cake - 2 tiers for two boys turning 1!
Groundhog cake - although this was a wedding cake, it could also be used for a children's party.

Little Monsters Birthday Cake for Your Little Monster

If you are looking for a great theme for your child's next birthday, try this Little Monster theme! It's easy enough to tie together a lot of colours. My sister bought the cards online, as well as many of the other decorations, and I made the cake.

I used the Fondarific Fondant brand in blue and orange to get the bright colours. In order to get the relaxed bottom on the top cake, I simple wrapped the cake as I usually would and pressed it into the sides, but I just did not cut the fondant.  Instead I used scissors to cut swooping edges. This gave it more of a messy, 'monster' feel. A straight-edged bottom just wouldn't have had the same effect.

The eye-balls that are standing above the edge of the cake are made of gumpaste instead of fondant, which hardens so stiffly that the eyeballs can stand up. I used black and white fondant for the other decorations, and white candy sticks inside the arms that are sticking out of the cake.

What's inside?  The bottom layer is chocolate cake with a milk chocolate & sour cream icing between the layers. The top layer had a butterscotch caramel buttercream icing between layers of vanilla cake.

Wedding Cakes

On this page, you will find links to all of the Wedding Cake pictures and ideas on this site:




Thursday, May 15, 2014

Traditional Burgundy-and-White Wedding Cake with Pillars

Incorporating pillars into a wedding cake can add a touch of elegance, as well as impressive height.  This burgundy-and-white wedding cake utilized pillars to display the beautiful real flowers that were used on the cake.

Without the flowers resting between the pillars, the cake looked very strange, as you can see from the picture below. So with long pillars (I could not find shorter ones in any of the cake supply stores), the cake certainly needed an abundance of flowers to fill in the space and tie the whole thing together.

The real flowers on this cake matched the bride's bouquet.  The bride ordered an extra bouquet which was delivered to me the day before the wedding.  The flowers kept very well on the cake in the refrigerator overnight.

Since the wedding hall was large, the height of the pillars actually helped to make the cake stand out.

Tips for using pillars:

If you are trying to use pillars on a wedding cake, the kit normally does not include instructions.  Simply search on www.youtube.com for video instructions, which will make your job much easier!

Pillars are often available at Bulk Barn and Michael's, in the cake decorating section. You may also find some at Walmart, as they now offer cake decorating supplies. Or search on Google for cake supplies that can be shipped to your door.

Tips for using real flowers:

To incorporate real flowers and display them nicely, simply make a ball of white fondant. Leave a little bit of stem on the flowers and press the stems into the fondant ball.  Once full enough, you will no longer see the ball of fondant and it can stick nicely to the surface of the cake with a little water (fondant sticks to itself with water), or the plate that comes with the pillars.

Tips on transporting the cake:

Store your top tier separate from the pillars in the fridge or a cool room. Put it together once at the wedding location.  This is best to keep the weight off the bottom tiers, so as not to crush them and cause the fondant to puff on the sides.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sprinkle a Little Gold Dust to Sparkle Up Your Simplest Cakes

When you want to improve the appearance of a simple cake, an easy decorating technique is to use a little (or a lot) of edible gold dust.  This flourless chocolate cake is not very grand looking because it is only one-inch high, but it was ordered for a special occasion, so it needed to be fancied up a bit. 

With some flowers made out of dark chocolate toffee (the same toffee I use on my chocolate TOFFLE product - you can use chocolate fondant if you like), and a heavy sprinkling of gold dust, this cake changed from a simple, but rich chocolate cake, to something made for an important event in someone's life.

Simply search 'edible gold dust' on Google or your preferred search engine and you will likely find a website or retailer that sells it.  One site that I use in Canada is Golda's Kitchen - see here for the link to their gold dust product range.