Friday, August 8, 2014

3D Spiderman Cake for a Superhero-Themed Birthday Party

My daughter asked me for a Spiderman-themed birthday party for her fifth birthday. Although it was not your typical 'girl-themed' party, it was just as fun for me to create as it was for the kids to participate.

Since I live in a rural area with limited access to theme decorations, I had to expand the party to a general 'superhero' theme with a focus on Spiderman. From there, I was able to find Spiderman badges online that I cut out, purchase Superman-themed napkins and plates, and I hand-made superhero masks for the kids to wear.  But the real highlight was the 3D Spiderman cake.  The kids loved it!

How did I make it?
I baked some of the batter in two small bowls to get the round part of the head, and also 5" cake pans to layer between the rounded pieces.  Only a little carving was necessary. 

The bottom of the cake was also baked in a bowl to get the rounded look.  Straws were used in the bottom cake to support Spiderman's head, which had been decorated on a piece of cardboard cake round that I had cut to fit.  So the straws held up the cake round, which in turn held up Spiderman's head.

In retrospect, I would have made his head a bit longer and his shoulders a bit shorter to get a better replica, but I made the shoulders larger to ensure there would be enough cake to eat. I focused on getting the eyes just right (according to online pictures).

Edible marker, purchased at Michael's in the baking section, was used with a ruler to get the lines on his face, which I then covered in long rolled-out pieces of black fondant. Edible gold glitter and gold edible spray was used for his eyes. The hand was made out of Rice Krispie treats then covered in icing and fondant.

What's inside?
Banana cake with peanut butter icing and milk chocolate chips. 

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