Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Cakes: Fondant-Covered Witch Hat Cake!

Halloween is fast approaching and it is time to plan Halloween party treats, and cakes for kids who are celebrating birthdays during the spooky season.  This witch Hat Cake was made for a Halloween party at a local daycare.  The kids loved eating the tray of spider chocolate truffles, as well as this carved, cackling cake.

What's Inside? Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream!

How to make it:
First you need black and orange fondant (in Canada, you can find some at the Bulk Barn or Michael's, but the best brand really is Duff's).

To make the hat (2 ways):

1. Make a cake batter and pour it into large and small sizes of cake pans (i.e. a cupcake pan, a 3" cake pan, a 5" cake pan, a 7" cake pan and an 8" cake pan), then once baked, stack your cakes and layer with buttercream, so that the smallest cake is on top and the largest on the bottom.  Then carve your cake into a cone shape. 

2. Make Rice Krispy Square treats, but shape them into a cone before they cool, instead of the usual squares. Carve it down a little for even edges if necessary. Cover with a little buttercream and cover with black fondant.

To make the bottom of the hat:

Make a large round cake (I used a 14" round pan, but that feeds 35 or more people, so you can use an 8" or 10" or whatever you like depending on your party size). Roll out a large piece of black fondant and cover the cake with it, but let your edges stay long and ruffle like a hat (this is easier than trying to cut a straight edge anyway!).

To make the 'buckle':

Use orange fondant and spray with edible gold spray (I buy this at Michael's or online at Golda's Kitchen) or brush on edible gold shimmer dust.

To make the spiders:

I used my signature toffee mix (with a round chocolate truffle inside) to make the spiders, but you can make spiders out of black fondant by rolling round balls of black fondant and then little strips for the legs.  A dot of water will act as adhesive (once dry) to secure the legs to the spiders.

Good luck with your Halloween Party!

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