Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simply Baked Oven-Safe Disposable Baking Pans....for baking flourless chocolate cake!

It is cold here in Canada right now. Really cold.  In fact, it is absolutely frigid. And when the temperature dropped to well below -20 degrees Celsius the other day, the pipes in my commercial kitchen froze for a few days. So I did paper work, writing and a few other non-baking tasks until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to bake something! So I thought it was the perfect time to make a cake in a disposable cake pan to save me from doing too many dishes once the water came back on.

So I pulled out the Simply Baked disposable baking pans that I found at HomeSense over the Christmas holiday. I made one of my signature Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Truffle Cakes to see how it would bake in the pan.  You can find the recipe here. And truthfully it baked pretty well and rather quickly. 

I made two cakes and used two Simply Baked pans. With one, I decorated and served the cake inside of the pan.  With the other, I flipped the cake over onto a plate. Unfortunately, a little bit of the lower edges were left in the pan.  I'm not sure if it is because the cake can be a little sticky or if the edges dried out a little because the pan was made of paper.  I think next time, I would still have to line the pan with a round of parchment paper the way I do with metal pans in order to extract it.

Overall, my experience with these disposable baking pans was good. It was nice that the pan looked pretty enough to serve the cake in, and it made it easy to carry over to my neighbours for a house party last night. Also, the pan's edges can be pulled off fairly easily so that you can slice and serve the cake without messing up the first piece. What's more, clean-up was a breeze. And the funny thing is, as soon as the cake was made, the pipes thawed and I had water! 

According to the website for the Simply Baked brand, which is, the pans are oven and freezer safe, as well as disposable and bio-degradable.  The company also offers square cups and metallic petite cups in a variety of cute designs.

Because the pan was so pretty, I also made a delicious no-bake dark chocolate 'fudge' and poured it into one of these disposable pans. I thought the pan was pretty, and it was a nice way to wrap up the fudge because I was giving it to someone as a gift.

There are three pans in each pack, so I am glad that I purchased two packages!

Please note....
I realize that this article reads a little like an advertisement, but I have not been paid, encouraged or given incentive of any kind to write about Simply Baked cups and pans.  I just saw them in HomeSense one day, tried them and decided I should share because I liked them so much!

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