Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes: Maple & Sea Salt with Maple Buttercream

I was making several Flourless Dark Chocolate & Maple Cakes the other day, and found that I had enough batter left for one more cake. But instead, I decided to turn them into flourless cupcakes. I managed to make about 10  cupcakes with the batter from my maple cake recipe (get the recipe by clicking here).

For cupcakes, the only change is to bake them for no more than 20 minutes each.  This will result in a fudgy, delicious cupcake.  And since it is flourless, and mostly made of chocolate, they will not rise.  So I realized that something more than simple chocolate ganache was needed on top to decorate these babies.  They definitely needed some height. So I added a half cup of maple syrup to a vanilla buttercream recipe.  So after adding a layer of ganache (also provided in the maple cake recipe here), I then I topped the whole thing with chunky sea salt. Delicious!

Psst: you can make your gluten-free friends happy with this recipe, and it is so good that no wheat-lovers will complain about it being gluten-free. Happy Baking!

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